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VeganSafe Vitamin B-12 (2 oz. Bottle) - Alternative Health Now
VeganSafe Vitamin B-12 (2 oz. Bottle) - Alternative Health Now

VeganSafe Vitamin B-12 (2 oz. Bottle)

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Get the most bioactive B-12 vitamin around with VeganSafe B-12 from Alternative Health Now.

  • Certified organic and vegan B-12 vitamin supplement
  • Contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, two highly bioactive forms of B-12

Looking for pure, certified organic B-12 vitamins that are also vegan? Look no further than VeganSafe B-12 organic supplements. Made with methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, two of the most bioactive forms of B-12, VeganSafe B-12 offers some of the best organic B-12 supplements with the most bioavailability.

VeganSafe B-12 helps encourage normal energy levels by supporting the adrenal glands and red blood cell formation. Because our vegan B-12 vitamins are ultra absorbable, they can provide benefits faster than other B-12 supplements. Our natural supplements can also help support your body’s major processes, like cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as act as a natural, non-habit forming sleep aid. Get organic B-12 supplements online today from the experts at Alternative Health Now.

  • Supports cardiovascular and nervous system health
  • Can help support a healthy sleep cycle
  • Essential for cell growth
  • Take orally, no injections required

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