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MitoActivator LDS- 90 Capsules - Alternative Health Now
MitoActivator LDS- 90 Capsules - Alternative Health Now

MitoActivator LDS- 90 Capsules

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Get the perfect dose every time with our MitoActivator LDS copper supplement.

  • We use our patented Cunermuspir one of a kind complex.
  • Made from the least amount of ingredients possible.

For those on other supplements, or if you only have a mild copper deficiency, we recommend our MitoActivator LDS (low dose serving). Made with the purest copper supplements available, this lower dosage of our most popular product is perfect for those who need or use multiple forms of supplementation. This natural health product is also the perfect starting point for our other natural health supplements. Made with our patented Cunermuspir, which is a copper vitamin B3 chelate, you’re sure to get the perfect amount of pure copper supplement that you need. Our MitoActivator LDS is made with only the purest copper niacin, using the least amount of ingredients as possible, which allows for the most copper supplement available. Get your bottle of MitoActivator LDS and any of our other dietary supplements or health products online today!

  • 90 capsules
  • Two to three month supply
  • Copper vitamin B3 chelate
  • Lower dose serving compared to our other products
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