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APeX Water Oxygen Delivery System

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Boost your immune system naturally with APeX Water Oxygen Delivery System.

  • This all-natural product is safe to use topically or internally.
  • Silver nano-particles bind with oxygen clusters to help fight pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungus in your body.

Looking to boost your immune system with an all-natural supplement? If so, then the APeX Water Oxygen Delivery System is perfect for you. Unlike colloidal silver, which has no oxygen value, APeX delivers oxygen directly through to the cell membrane.

This is accomplished due to the negatively charged nano-particle of silver, bonded with oxygen molecules. The negatively charged oxygen cluster is pulled towards the positively charged pathogenic cell like north and south poles of a magnet. When the oxygen is released, that Hypoxic (low oxygen thriving) cell ceases to be viable.  The oxygen then rebinds to the nano-silver particle, and it moves on to the next hypoxic cell. The debris from the pathogenic cell is excreted from the system naturally. APeX will not cause Argyria, as the nano-particle of silver in APeX does not come in any contact with its exterior environment, i.e. the blood stream, as it is completely encased in the oxygen molecules. Additionally, the silver in APeX measures less than one part per million (ppm), unlike colloidals, which measure 10 to 500 ppm.

Adding oxygen at the cellular level helps boost your immune system, and neutralizes pathogens, bacteria, virus, and fungus. APeX is as an anti-pathogen, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal supplement. Using this all-natural supplement is easy, and there is no taste or smell to APeX. For general health maintenance, we recommend 1 oz. per day, and for health challenges, we recommend 2 oz. per day, with the protocol of using a combination of sublingual and adding to clean, filtered, drinking water. (Exact protocol is delivered with order)

This nano-technology is unrivaled in it's therapeutic power as an anti-pathogen.

  • Oxygenation helps build bigger, healthier blood cells
  • Delivers oxygen directly to the cell membrane, unlike colloidal silvers, which have zero oxygen value
  • Seeks out and destroys pathogenic cells
  • Reverses hypoxia (lack of oxygen at the cellular level)
  • Contains less than one ppm of silver
  • Safe for humans and pets like dogs, cats, and horses
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • One liter and bulk options available

Note! Due to strict manufacturer guidelines, Coupons or Discount Codes can not be used for the purchase of APeX Water. The price does however drop on the purchase of 4 one liter bottles or more.

    Live Blood Cells Before & After Using Apex Water

    NOTE: This video is captured in extreme slow motion, because the destruction of the pathogenic cell happens so quickly, it is impossible to capture at normal video speed. At the 30-second mark you can see where we set the microscope to start viewing. You can see that the live blood cells are looking sluggish and stuck together, also known as Reuleaux. At the 45 second mark, we added the one drop of APeX Water. You can see that some cells are so unhealthy that they are sticking as the APeX Water is added, but at the 1:17 mark you will see that the APeX Water has caused the unhealthy cells to cease to be viable. At the 2:54 mark you can see that the white blood cells are also disintegrating from whatever pathogens they were carrying inside. We continued to move the slide to see what APeX Water had done for the blood, and at the 5:32 mark you can see that the blood is still moving freely.


    1 tablespoon (tbsp = 1/2 oz) twice daily at least 30 minutes or more before or after food.

    For more serious issues, 2 tablespoons twice daily at least 30 minutes or more before or after food.


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